Discover the 10 companies selected for the Genesis program – Facing the crisis

From: Juliette Belle

Montreal, June 23, 2020 – It is from over 80 high-quality submissions that 10 companies have been selected to join the 8-week tailor-made ideation program.

The Genesis program – Facing the crisis will allow them to test their concept and start creating a concrete solution, or to adapt their existing solution to meet one of these two challenges:

  • Create new technological tools to humanize the virtual world, adapted to the realities of social distancing.

  • Develop innovative entertainment formats that can transpose the emotional power of physical experiences to our new digital world.

From artistic creations to technological solutions, the selected projects illustrate the great diversity of the entertainment industry and confirm once again that Quebec creators are buzzing with creativity. Discover them now!    

Ellicom – Plateforme Vx
The dynamic Vx platform sequences immersive experiences in order to take participants on a virtual exploratory and "humanized" journey. The MVP Vx was a great success at its beginnings and Ellicom seeks to extend the capabilities of the platform to make it multisensory.

Fanslab and Float4 – Fanslab
Fanslab social platforms are transforming the potential for human connections through collaborative content, living learning, intelligent networking and real, hybrid and virtual events, in order to co-create a positive impact, here and everywhere in the world.

Hub Studio – In bocca al lupo 
The In bocca al lupo project is a poetic spectacle in the form of a sculpture which unfolds through the action of the participants to bring together a new look at public space. The objective is to take bystanders by storm and offer them a narrative experience through an artwork that fuses dance, music, cinema and the visual arts.  

Lorganisme – Under water
Under Water is a choreographic play in virtual reality celebrating the diversity and beauty of bodies. Thanks to live action, the interdisciplinary work virtually immerses the spectator underwater to contemplate the movements of the dancers in suspension.  

Oki Spectacles – Langevin virtuel   
This project consists of using augmented reality, virtual reality, 5G and / or other technologies to provide a large audience with personalized magic tricks and unique experiences on a digital platform associated with the renowned illusionist Luc Langevin.

Prologue AI – VoiceTrip  
VoiceTrip is a marketplace platform that connects the producers of a destination's entertainment content with those who inhabit it. The platform integrates perfectly at any time of the day but particularly in transit mode. Its mission is to entertain, inform and inspire with the best talent, using short, geolocated content.

Signal Space Lab – Becoming a R.A.T.
Becoming a R.A.T. (Remote Access Tool) is an interactive hacking experience for Virtual Reality, with branching narratives that use storytelling elements of conspiracy thriller in a blended live action and CGI universe.

Spoken Adventures
Spoken Adventures is a producer and publisher of interactive audio books. Be part of the adventure and interact with narrative using nothing more than your voice! Stories have never felt so real. Half audio books, half role-playing games, Experience exciting adventures, told by professional voice talents and enhanced with rich and subtle soundscape.

Wallrus – Wallrus Digital Festival Platform  
Wallrus is developing a digital festival experience. Beyond a traditional digital platform, the company wants to redefine and create a virtual space that brings together and strengthens the collective experience.

Potential clients and recognized industry actors to guide them

In addition of a $2,500 grant offered to each company by our partner National Bank, entrepreneurs will benefit from 40 hours of collaborative workshops to bring their idea to a viable concept.

To anchor all solutions in market realities, more than 14 companies from the cultural and creative industries, as well as potential buyers, will join the experience to allow entrepreneurs to quickly test their concepts throughout the program.

These ten companies will also be able to count on a large network of experts and peers to guide them thanks to the involvement of Edelman, Synapse C, Lenovo, Immersion, Intel, Stradigi AI and many more.

A fertile ground and dedicated experts to quickly develop innovative solutions to overcome the crisis.

About the program

The Genesis - Facing the Crisis program is part of the series of activities offered by Le Collectif, a group formed by sectoral associations, La Guilde du jeu video du Québec and Xn Québec, as well as the incubators and accelerators Zú and La Piscine. Through this initiative, Le Collectif wishes to provide immediate and essential support to entrepreneurs in the cultural and creative industries. A project made possible to the contribution of Economic Development service of the Ville de Montréal.

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A project made possible thanks to the contribution of the City of Montreal.

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