The Citadelle

An experimental space and an event venue

At the beginning of the 20th century, this was one of the most important social spaces of its kind.
The Citadelle, a former sacred space built in 1906, is further proof of the Complexe-de-La-Maison-Alcan’s rich history.

In 1948, the Emmanuel Congregational Church amalgamated with the Westmount Park Church and the space was claimed by the Salvation Army, a charitable organization devoted to helping those in need.

The Citadelle, with a maximum capacity of 800 seats, will soon be restored to once again serve the community. This space will be dedicated to all of those who court curiosity.

In the meantime, the existing piazza, which basks in the midday sun, will become a natural gathering place for the neighbourhood: one of the many features of the Citadelle that will be preserved and celebrated. 

Stay tuned for further developments! 

Events at the Citadelle