Dive into a playground where technology triggers the future of storytelling and entertainment.

The 5G TELUS LAB, in collaboration with Lenovo, is a creative, testing and experimental space fitted with cutting-edge technological equipment to push the limits of digital creativity and bring your projects to life. 

Bookings are free of charge until August 14, with the promo code ZU-OUTILS-CREA

VR/AR Room

Production room for immersive content: virtual, augmented or mixed reality projects

Whether you are immersive content producers, user experience designers, software engineers, the XR / VR production room has 5 workstations for all your projects of visual effects, video game, 3D animation and all those we haven't thought of yet.

In addition to the Unreal software and the Autodesk suite for designing content, the room is also equipped with Oculus, HTC and Playstation virtual reality headsets allowing you to test your applications and experiences on different devices.

Production rooms

The two editing rooms are ideal for video editing, audio mixing, post-production or color correction projects.  
They are equipped for high resolution production - UHD / 4K and a video editing technician is available on site for support if needed. 

Multifunction workstations

Six multipurpose stations equipped with creative, animation and production software suites to create mixed content for 3D animation, modeling, simulation, design, architecture or engineering projects and many more.

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