The Golden Square Mile

Located at the base of Mont-Royal, the Complexe-de-La-Maison-Alcan is in the heart of the Golden Square Mile and the Museum District between two world-class universities. The area is home to a number of major corporations with tourist attractions in close proximity.

The Complexe-De-La-Maison-Alcan

A cluster of historic buildings, some of which date back to 1872, the Complexe-de-La-Maison-Alcan is comprised of several heritage properties. This spectacular venue solidifies Montreal’s position as a hub of innovation and serves as a cultural and creative anchor in the heart of the city.

Revitalizing the area and establishing roots in the community

As of September 2019, Zú’s first creators and entrepreneurs will take up residence in the Holland House and the Berkeley. The former was a prestigious home built in 1872 and the latter was an apartment building designed in 1928 and transformed into a hotel in 1930.

The Complexe-de-La-Maison-Alcan was classified as a heritage site in 2017. It has witnessed over 100 years of history unfolding within its walls. We are all the guardians of that history now. Let’s cherish it together.