Adopt Zú

Calling all freelancers, artists and entrepreneurs working in the entertainment and creative industries who’d like to have a hot desk (renewable on a monthly basis) and access to a thriving community. 

Located in the heart of downtown Montreal, Zú is the ideal setting to spark your creativity and immerse yourself in an atmosphere where diversity is celebrated and ideas are welcome in all their forms. Perfect for those who are attached to people, to a place and to a community… but not to the office furniture!


The resources available to Nomads make it easy to dream big. You’ll spend hours consulting with experts in their respective fields. You’ll work in an eclectic environment with cutting-edge technology. You’ll enjoy private meeting rooms and have free access to all of the in-house professional programming. This is access that hits way above its weight.

Shared services

High-speed Internet, private telephone cabins, access to the membership directory, secure access, lounge spaces, an on-site kitchen, free coffee.

Get a tour

Contact us to get a tour of the workspaces at [email protected]

See our price rates

*Price: $250

per month per person, renewable monthly**

*Cancellation Policy

**A $5 registration fee applies. The lease is renewable on a monthly basis.
Corporations that wish to lease more than five workstations can contact us to arrange a package deal.

Make your month matter.

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When you’re a Nomad at Zú, you are seriously equipped to reinvent the world thanks to a wealth of resources, including:
  • An unassigned workstation with office furniture and storage
  • One-hour credit per week and per workstation to use meeting rooms
  • Free access to the professional programming
  • Meeting rooms (additional à la carte services)
  • 5G TELUS Lab (additional à la carte services)
  • Specialist Stations (additional à la carte services)

The 5G TELUS Lab: An experimental hub

Discover the 5G TELUS Lab


You want to bring your idea to life? It’s simple: make your way to the TELUS Lab 5G and get to it. This is an experimental space fitted with cutting-edge technological equipment. Use the 5G technology available exclusively in the lab to push the limits of digital creativity and reinvent the future.
  • XR/VR room

    Level Z4 – a production suite for immersive content (virtual, augmented or mixed reality projects)


  • Production room #2

    Level Z4 – production and video editing room


  • Production room #1

    Level Z4 - production and video editing room equipped with a ProTool station for audio editing


Power in numbers


Zú is an ecosystem where everyone is welcome. Where one person’s sense of structure feeds another person’s creative chaos. Where the energy of the group is a galvanizing force. Our community is constantly sharing ideas, collaborating on projects and triggering ingenious ideas and business opportunities. Being a part of Zú means celebrating what makes us singular. And then laying that out on the table for the world to see.