When you decide to launch a startup, you have faith in your idea. You’re in the zone. 

That conviction that you’re onto something special is key. But the road to growth—and to a functional and profitable business model—has its ups and downs. The Vector circuit gives entrepreneurs the chance to expand their clientele, pick up their pace, access new markets and seek out investors.


8 months

(Open to five startups per year)

Time commitment

Founders must be involved full-time for the full duration of the program.


Your startup in the entertainment or creative industry is already up and running. You know that you have a promising concept on your hands. Now you need to demonstrate your potential for longevity and the scope of your commercial operations and sales.

  • You have a product (it doesn’t have to be finalized)
  • You have at least three clients if your product is for the B2B market
  • You have at least 1,500 clients if your product is for the B2C market
  • The founders must be able to demonstrate that they have already worked together and that they have the necessary technical knowledge to develop their business
  • The business is registered as a legal entity in Canada or abroad
  • The founders must work for the company full-time


Vector provides:

  • Personalized support in the form of an assigned guide, experienced professionals and specialized masta
  • A series of workshops and training sessions (minimum 40 hours)
  • Access to a network of potential investors and strategic partners
  • The launch of a pilot project and the development of new markets
  • The possibility to take part in trade missions and exchanges abroad
  • Living expenses for the duration of the program

Your guides


The guides at Zú aren’t afraid to go into uncharted territory with the startups that they mentor.

They are all experts in their fields and are here because of their infectious energy and desire to pass on their skills, know-how and experience.

    The stations


    The program gives you access to our Specialist Stations.

    This is where you can recharge your batteries and fill up on expertise. If you have questions, resource people are on hand to answer them with clarity and precision. Whether you need support with legal service, accounting, financing, artificial intelligence or communication, a specialist will see to it that you have the assistance you need.

      The tools to succeed

      See all available tools


      In addition to expert support, program participants have access to multiple tools to ignite their creativity and transform their ideas into concrete projects. At Zú you’ll have:
      • A hot desk for the duration of the program
      • Access to the meeting rooms
      • Priority access to the TELUS Lab 5G
      • Access to the Specialist Stations
      • 24/7 access to the resource directory in the industry

      The TELUS Lab 5G: An experimental hub

      Discover the TELUS Lab 5G


      You want to bring your idea to life? It’s simple: make your way to the TELUS Lab 5G and get to it. This is an experimental space fitted with cutting-edge technological equipment. Use the 5G technology available exclusively in the lab to push the limits of digital creativity and reinvent the future.
      • Salle XR/VR

        Level Z4 – a production suite for immersive content (virtual, augmented or mixed reality projects)


      • Salle de production #2

        Level Z4 – production and video editing room


      • Salle de production #1

        Level Z4 - production and video editing room equipped with a ProTool station for audio editing