When you decide to launch a startup, you have faith in your idea. You’re in the zone.

That conviction that you’re onto something special is key. But the road to growth has its ups and downs. Your startup in the entertainment and creative industry is up and running and ready to scale. You have an innovative idea that needs capital to turn into a successful business.  

The Vector program allows you to manage your first round of venture capital financing and unlock subsequent rounds. The selected startups must completed the Focus program at Zú to be eligible the Vector program.

This personalized program gives you the chance to expand your customer base, solidify your business, access new markets and seek out investors on an international level.

During the program, you will consolidate your financial, market and intellectual property strategies, perfect your sales and trading techniques, develop your sales funnel and manage risk. By your side there will be mentors with wealth of experience, whom we call guides and experts, providing you advice, feeding you with ideas and supporting you along the way

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