Over the next ten weeks, these entrepreneurs will participate in a series of workshops, events and one-on-one meetings. These activities are specifically designed to refine their business model, perfect their technology product and validate their market fit.

With the goal of supporting them in their entrepreneurial journey in a sustainable way, this program has been designed to provide them with the tools and resources they need to prepare them to enter the incubation program with confidence.

We look forward to seeing the developments and progress that will come from this dynamic and promising cohort.

Without further ado, discover these six motivated new startups that have been selected.

Archiv VR takes us back to past exhibitions and artistic and cultural events thanks to a platform and catalog of interactive virtual reality experiences.
Carla+ Curls is revolutionizing the hair routine of the curly and frizzy-haired community with an AI-powered app that provides personalized advice and products to enhance every curl and boost self-confidence.
P.ART is a platform for art lovers to co-invest in contemporary art.
Playball Archives provides an environmentally responsible image bank service that integrates AI capabilities to index, search, and generate new content.
SAGA Stratégie sonore provides a platform for developing sound identities to ensure optimal emotional engagement and immersion for users of digital experiences.
Trendit is a mobile platform for personalized discovery and promotion of local events based on an algorithm that connects event organizers with a targeted audience.

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