Think outside the cageThink outside the cage

We are creatives. Aroused by freedom. Piqued by curiosity. The birds outside the gilded cage. We are entrepreneurs. Free-speaking thinkers from here and elsewhere. And this is where we choose to nest.

This is where we cultivate, rethink and redefine entertainment. The ecosystem around which our community swarms. A natural habitat teeming with mentors and apprentices. The fertile ground where fiction blossoms into reality.

Between these walls, ideas hatch. They mate. They spread. They roar.
And sometimes, they overstep.

This is where ideas grow so big, bold and beautiful, they mesmerize young and old alike.
From Montreal to the rest of the world.
The world is ours to imprint.

This is where we preserve our most valuable natural resource.
A treasure of the highest importance.

This is the Zú.

Photo de Guy Laliberté
“Quebec’s creativity is a natural resource that is part of our strengths and our personality. This talent is our treasure, our wealth.”
Guy Laliberté
Initiator, Zú

Natural habitat

- The Nest

Zú is nestled in one of Montreal's celebrated heritage buildings, the Maison Alcan complex. In an eclectic environment with state-of-the-art infrastructure, Zú gives a new impulse to this spectacular place, helping position the city as a hub of innovation and creativity.

Emerging programs


Zú supports creators in their conception, acceleration and commercialization process. More to come!

Territories to claim

Get settled in the Zú! Workspaces are available. Book yours today!

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