Zú supports and propels creative entrepreneurs who use technology to revolutionize entertainment by generating innovative projects and world-class intellectual properties.


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Adventure is yours for the taking

What will you find at Zú? A welcoming and eclectic community. A tribe that defies convention and gets things done. A habitat rich in creativity and drive. And, most of all, a space where creators, entrepreneurs and mentors, all on the hunt for something new, join forces to power startups that reinvent the entertainment world. This is your adventure. Dive in.


You have it: an idea. Maybe it’s vague. A little rough around the edges. But it’s there. And it’s got you in its grip. With the Genesis circuit, you can put your concept to the test and explore it from every conceivable angle. With the support of experts, you can proceed by trial and error, fail fast and, most importantly, make progress. Lots of progress.


Between the ideation phase and the growth stage, there’s a key moment when a project starts to take shape, when a prototype that’s been put through its paces is ready to launch, and when a brand finally finds its voice and personality. The Focus circuit helps you get there. This is your time to hunker down with your idea, fuel up on resources, make meaningful contacts and structure your business to ensure that it will thrive.


When you decide to launch a startup, you have faith in your idea. You’re in the zone. That conviction that you’re onto something special is key. But the road to growth—and to a functional and profitable business model—has its ups and downs. The Vector circuit gives entrepreneurs the chance to expand their clientele, pick up their pace, access new markets and seek out investors.

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Programs that unleash your potential

If you have a creative entrepreneurial project on the brain, Zú’s programs will help you sharpen your thinking and bring your ideas to life.

Work spaces

Desks that are fixed, flex or floating. A meeting space or a recreation zone. Training labs or conference rooms. It’s more than an office. It’s where we live.

The 5G TELUS Lab

This 5G experimentation creative space is fitted with cutting-edge technological equipment for you to shape the future as you see fit.

A vibrant community

Zú is a fascinating ecosystem buzzing with curiosity and originality. Our community is constantly sharing ideas, collaborating on projects and triggering ingenious ideas and business opportunities.

Devoted professionals

Our guides, pros and specialists are all experts in their respective fields. They invest heart and soul in the community and are happy to share the fruits of their experience.

Unique events

The curious hordes that gather within our walls are always hungry for discoveries. To satisfy their cravings, Zú offers a calendar of events that ignite creativity.


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    Zú is a space to seek inspiration, drink up knowledge, test unknown paths and lose yourself in the thrill of the journey. A heritage jewel in the heart of downtown Montreal, Zú is where the action is—inside and out.