Alliances – with Martin Klein (Wwise & Audiokinetic)


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A PARTE – Presented by EY

ALLIANCES – With Martin H. Klein

Ever cried during an intensively emotional scene in a movie, or felt the thrill of the chase while playing your favourite video game? Whether you noticed or not, that’s the power of music. Sound design, soundtracks, and music composition have always been key components to building strong narratives and sparking emotions of all kinds beyond the images that we see on screen.

In a world where storytelling takes more and more space on-screen rather than around the bonfire, digital creators around the globe are crediting more than half of their content creation to sound and music to create powerful engagement with the audience.

As a seasoned veteran of the music, film, and gaming industries with 40 years of creative experience in the field of audio technology, Martin H. Klein knows first hand the impact that music can have on storytellers and consumers alike. Founder of Audiokinetic, the company behind Wwise, an audio production tool for the interactive media, gaming, location-based entertainment, and automotive industries, Martin has worked with sound artisans, engineers, musicians, and large entertainment companies to seamlessly integrate sound into movies, video games, live events, and even, cars.

Today a division of Sony Corporation through a win-win partnership based on a shared vision, Audiokinetic is breeding the next generation of sound engineers. In this A-PARTÉ conversation, Martin will tell us how he came to start Audiokinetic 20 years ago, how research and development have been fundamental components to ensure its growth and success, and finally, how he successfully managed to get acquired by Sony Corporation.

Martin H. Kleinneur, Founder Audiokinetic 

Martin H. Klein has 40 years of creative experience in the field of audio technology. Formally trained in music and law, Martin established himself as a musician and composer, and then focused on sound design and music production. Martin has built an impressive track-record as a producer, publisher, arranger, and record label director with the industry’s top record labels, film companies and advertising agencies. Martin then joined Ubisoft Entertainment in 1997 as Executive Audio Producer and Artistic Director.

In 2000, Martin founded Audiokinetic. His unique perspective as President and CEO allowed him to pioneer Wwise, a comprehensive interactive audio solution, which has become a world-leader in the videogame industry. He is currently serving as a board member for technology companies, associations and charitable organizations.

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