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The In(fusion) series: for early risers and go-getters
This series of morning webinars will feature experts on all kinds of technical subjects. It’s all about learning.

It’s never too early to think global, specially if your objective is to build a scalable company. You can only scale so much if you stay in your own neighbourhood. Realitistically most companies don’t have the time nor the energy to think about their international development strategy, until the day they decide it’s time to do it!

This webinar will help you establish the key elements you need to think about when deciding it’s time to hit the road be it for sales, recruitment, development, or any other aspects. Saimen, will help you answer the following questions:

  • Beyond the cultural aspects, what elements do you need to take into consideration when deciding what country you need to tackle next?
  • How to find the right strategy to enter any specific new market?
  • How to prepare myself and my team for such a step?
  • What are the government programs that exist that will help finance my internationalization?

Feel free to share your questions in advance!

Presented by Jean-Luc Hébert, Vice President International Sales & Marketing of Saimen in Montreal

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