Growth marketing strategies for startups


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(IN)FUSION – Presented by La Banque Nationale

Lecturers : dentsu

In this series of workshops imagined by Zú and presented by the National Bank, we support entrepreneurs by addressing key concepts related to startup development, helping them structure their business project and ensure its growth.

Growth marketing is a fundamental practice for startups that focuses on the acquisition funnel by leveraging the data at your disposal to maximize the retention of your audience. It is about transforming your customers into true brand ambassadors by knowing how to position your brand and how to reach your audience with the right key messages.

In this (in)fusion workshop presented by dentsu, we’ll uncover the different marketing strategies & concepts to adopt according to a brand’s growth and positioning objectives. Topics to explore include :

  • The concept of “Build-Measure-Learn”: or how to build a marketing strategy adapted to the development of your product or brand.
  • The comparative advantages of integrating this approach into a marketing strategy.
  • How to plan your growth by determining your level of preparation.
  • The importance of data acquisition and best practices to get there.

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