Podcast workshop


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Please note that this event takes place in French.

Presented by Magneto Balado

More and more people are interested in podcast. Where to start to achieve a high quality production? This training will allow you to understand in depth the characteristics and production methods of a podcast, but also to concretely develop your skills through practical exercises and to have access to personalized answers for your projects. 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. – doors open at 9 a.m. and one of the trainers will be there to welcome you)

This training has been designed to allow you to:

  • Develop a concrete and pragmatic approach, addressing in depth the essential elements of a successful podcast
  • Design and refine an implementation plan for your own projects
  • Benefit from personalized support
  • Take advantage of group exchange of experiences in order to share your learning and enrich your current practices

Objectives of the workshops:

  • Acquire the benchmarks necessary to make the right choices from the design of a podcast project and avoid common pitfalls
  • Understand how to write and script a podcast project taking into account the sound medium
  • Develop your autonomy in sound recording
  • Be able to perform basic multitrack editing

Content of the training days:

Day # 1: Design and production component | Sunday October 12

  • The difference between podcast and other types of content, including radio
  • Genres in podcast: what choices must be made when designing a podcast?
  • The type of approach to favor: listening to good examples and counter-examples
  • New trends in production
  • What elements of a storytelling must be adapted to the sound medium?


  • What should you write when writing a podcast?
  • Identify the sound materials to use, the characters, the places, the actions
  • Choose the approach according to gender: distinguish between interview, testimony and documentary
  • How to conduct intimate interviews and gain the trust of your guests?
  • How to plan the production of a podcast and its distribution?

Day # 2: Sound recording and editing section | Sunday October 13

  • Choose the microphone and the sound plan according to the situation
  • Succeed in a voice recording in different fields
  • Taking soundscapes
  • Practical exercises with provided microphones and recorders


  • Create a multitrack editing session from your recordings
  • What are the elements of a successful assembly?
  • Manipulate volumes
  • Practical exercises with free DAW (digital audio workstation) software
  • Create broadcast-ready files

⇲ Tickets: $ 400 for both days
• Limited places: 12 places

Practical information

  • A questionnaire will be sent to you following registration to personalize the training
  • The necessary documents will also be shared with you at each session.
  • Recorders and microphones will be provided for practical exercises on Sunday 13 October
  • Lunch: There is a kitchen on site for those who wish to bring their lunch. There are a few restaurants nearby as well
  • Equipment to bring: To participate in the practical exercises, bring your laptop and a headset. If, however, you do not have this equipment, you will be able to follow all the training without any problem.