Startups and Investment : what you need to know


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(IN)FUSION – Presented by La Banque Nationale


Senior Manager, Creative Industries Group, The National Bank 
Mathieu Deschamps, Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright Canada

Bianca Pietracupa, Associate, Trademark Agent, Norton Rose Fulbright Canada

In this series of workshops imagined by Zú and presented by  The National Bank, we support entrepreneurs by addressing key concepts related to startup development, helping them structure their business project and ensure its growth.  

Startups have turned many traditional industries upside down over the past decades with their agility, enabling them to solve problems that previously seemed impossible. Despite their high potential, some startups lack capital when they are at their seed stage and spend a great deal of time and resources seeking funding.  However, once investors are hooked, they can quickly become strategic partners and long-term allies. That’s why you need to be well prepared to gain the trust of those who will invest time and money in your business.

In this (in)fusion workshop in collaboration with Norton Rose Fulbright and The National Bank, we will cover how to:  

  • Build an investment strategy according to the needs of your business.
  • Prepare for an audit and a due-diligence report. 
  • Assess the value of hard and soft intellectual properties.
  • Integrate best practices in investment from start-ups.
  • Present your financial plan with the right components, avoiding common errors.
  • Identify the right private and public funding resources for your business. 

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