GENESIS WINTER 2021 : Work. Play. From anywhere.

The challenge 

Work. Play. From anywhere.  

The world has changed. Work, daily life and entertainment are all connected by the same digital thread. We have rebuilt our routines around distance and social bubbles. 

Digital technology has taken over our daily lives, but it also lifts us from our physical ties. How can we fully claim it to nurture our imagination? Now more than ever, we need to put our creativity back in motion. We must build momentum to transform our digital space into a thrilling trove of possibilities. We should rely on the powerful potential of new technologies to create, work and entertain wherever we are, with the freedom to roam and be mobile. It’s time to move forward, to break the bubble, to Work. Play. From Anywhere. 

Submit your innovative and flexible solution that injects creativity into work or entertainment experiences. Your project should align with one of these themes: 

  1. Improve the efficiency and inventiveness of creatives
  2. Engage audiences to create memorable moments wherever they are.
  3. Develop protocols or platforms to distribute or commercialize content, with uncompromising quality regardless of location.

What’s in it for me?

Test and adapt your solution with potential clients

Your launch pad. Through three iterative sprints—product, market and business model—you will develop your project in anticipation of meeting potential clients.

National Bank is supporting entrepreneurship and creativity by dedicating a $25,000 grant to the Genesis program. Each selected startup will therefore receive a grant of $2,500.

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Selection Committee  

Les projets seront sélectionnés par des leaders ambitieux qui désirent mettre leurs expériences et connaissances au profit de nouveaux défis et d’épauler une nouvelle génération de jeunes pousses.  

Antoine Auger    ENCQOR  

Directeur Principal, Développement des Affaires | Prompt  

Harold Dumur    OVA  


Dany Eid     Dentsu  

Vice President Data &   Technology, iProspect 

Yan Lambert-Pageau    Zú  

Gestionnaire – Comptabilité et services   financiers 

Marco Daniel Nicolescu    Banque Nationale  

Directeur de Comptes PME  

Account Manager SME 

Delphine Poux    mumur 



Éric Trépanier    Synapse C  

Directeur, Intelligence d’affaires