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Making financial projections, commonly known as cash flow projection, is an essential step for an entrepreneur. Josée Turcot, Account Director at the National Bank, gives us her 5 best tips for managing your company’s liquidity and finding peace of mind to focus on what is really at the heart of your activities: creativity!

Tip #1 : Make your financial projections as soon as possible

Making your financial projections is a crucial step that needs to be done as soon as possible. It allows you to have a clear view of the revenues and expenses ahead, and most of your financial partners will ask to have access to it.

Tip # 2 : Adjust financial projections on a regular basis

Cash flow is a dynamic management tool: it needs to be adjusted on a regular basis to properly handle unforeseen events, such as hiring an employee or cost overruns on a project.

Tip #3 : Stay realistic in your projections

It is important to make realistic projections! For example, a projection that is too pessimistic could impact the amount you consider for a line of credit, while an overly optimistic projection could impact your reputation in the eyes of your financial partners.

Tip # 4 : Set up revenues and expenses forecasts

Even revenues and expenses that are not yet generated should be considered. By evaluating the probability of completion of a contract with a defined percentage, we can forecast the expenses related to that contract according to the same percentage.

Tip #5 : Consider your liquidity needs

It is normal for a business to require a line of credit to cover its liquidity needs. It could be used to pay a supplier in order to start a contract or to cover for delays related to the accounts receivable. It is important to make sure you can provide the funds that are necessary to deliver your projects.

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