On Thursday, May 30th, the startups pitched their technology solution and business model to attract the interest of three mentors with whom they will be paired for the next 12 months. These mentors will help them make strategic decisions and tackle their entrepreneurial challenges.

As a reminder:

Zú’s incubation program, based on the MIT Venture Mentoring Services methodology, provides structured, ethical and confidential support for a minimum of one year, renewable. This flexible, scalable program, tailored to the specific needs of startups, pairs each entrepreneur with three mentors selected from over 70 experts, with whom they meet on a monthly basis.

In addition to mentoring, startups have access to specialized workshops, expert consultations, pitch clinics, innovation opportunities, and privileged access to various funds and infrastructure. Aimed at technology startups in the creative industries, in pre-commercialization and expansion phases, Zú incubation also values environmental, social and governance criteria, promoting inclusivity and entrepreneurial diversity.

Without further ado, here they are:

&OR Collective

&Or Collective reinvents sustainable fashion by producing high-end garments, while diverting textile waste from landfills, thanks to a knitting technique and their unique recycling program.

More about &OR Collective



Kampus Media Inc.

Kampus Media creates a digital library of voices modeled using artificial intelligence to simplify access to high-quality audio content, particularly for audiobooks and dubbing.

More about Kampus Media



Paralog provides video game creators with code-free AI tools to easily design and implement complex behaviors in their non-player characters.

More about Paralog


Playball Archives

Playball Archives provides an eco-responsible image archive service that integrates AI capabilities to index, search and generate new content.

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Streamforge is an AI-based influencer marketing platform that analyzes billions of data points to help companies identify the most relevant content creators and audiences for their products, and define the most effective campaign strategies across multiple social platforms.

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Super Splendide

Super Splendide creates immersive virtual reality applications to alleviate suffering (moral and physical) by bringing dreams and memories to people who lack autonomy and to their loved ones.

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