Designed to refine business models and validate market fit, the pre-incubation program provides entrepreneurs with customized support to succeed in the early stages of product validation.


Throughout the program, entrepreneurs will participate in a series of interactive workshops, attend events and meet one-on-one with Zú’s entrepreneurship and innovation advisors. In addition, development-focused work sessions will provide them with a wealth of tools and resources to optimize their growth.


Welcome to the new recruits! We look forward to seeing your ideas take shape and guiding you on your path to success!


Without further ado, discover these three promising new startups:


Megalabs offers software for music industry professionals, integrating advanced automation to optimize the efficiency of the various stakeholders throughout the production chain.
Sonoself is developing a measurement device that analyzes a person’s response to sound in order to optimize the acoustic environment for cultural, museum, immersive, interactive and ergonomic experiences.
Studio Paranoya transforms casino card games, whether physical or online, making them socially responsible and ethical through duels between players without financial stakes.