Whether you are entrepreneurs, creatives or artists, we are all coping with uncertain times. We need to seize this opportunity to share ideas, inspire each other and grow together. Zú proposes a series of webinars that will address the challenges of this current crisis of COVID-19 through different themes, in order to support you and answer your questions.

Share a discussion with Jean-Luc Hébert, Vice President International Sales & Marketing of Saimen in Montreal in this webinar animated by Liette Lamonde, general manager of Montreal Inc and cofounder of Bonjour Startup MTL. Saimen is based in Quebec and in Shanghai and employs 80 people in China and experienced the coronavirus epidemic before us.

As the spread of the epidemic slows down in China, how did they experience the crisis and how do they approach the end of this epidemic? Jean-Luc talks about the human aspect, the management of the employees, but also the entrepreneurial concerns and the measures implemented in China that we could draw inspiration from.

He also testified about the post-crisis period and what we can learn about it by sharing with entrepreneurs three concrete methods to tests their financial health and their liquidity. He offered us an optimistic outlook because after all, we must “never waste a good crisis”.

Press play and enjoy!

What we talked about (timeline breakdown):

6:00: China’s context during the crisis.
10:40: The financial measures the Chinese government put in place to support local economy.
12:50: The three financial tests to assess financial health and plan for the months to come. The runway test, the stress test and the sales backlog test (more info below)
17:40: Post-crisis – opportunities to seize as an individual or as a business manager.
20:45: The Gate Keepers – identify the key players that will stand up and help you to get through the crisis.
33:17: Back to business – no urgency, but prudence and popular wisdom despite the importance of the challenges ahead.
35:30: International relations and import/export with China during and after the crisis.
40:00: Take advantage of financial aid offered by governments to keep key people in the organization.
42:50: Action consensus – the importance of mutual aid and a united community to get through the crisis.
46:30: Technologies used by China to monitor the spread of the epidemic.
49:50: Never waste a good crisis!


Tools mentioned:

About Saimen

Saimen, based in Quebec and in Shanghai, supports Canadian companies, especially startups, to transit from prototype mode to mass-production and commercialization of their products. In parallel, the Realive division of Saimen supports various multimedia, creative and entertainment organizations in their Chinese market development and operations.