Montreal, May 11, 2022 – The last few years and, more recently, the pandemic, have forced, in an unprecedented and global way, the whole of Quebec’s creative force to mobilize in order to invent adaptive strategies that call upon the technological sphere to produce, create and disseminate while at a distance.

Zú is proud to partner with SODEC and the National Bank to create a program that will strengthen Quebec’s cultural enterprises by enabling them to consider new sources of revenue. Currently, there are several options available to companies wishing to commercialize an innovative technology. Among these, there is the creation of a new business unit or a technological spin-off (“tech carve-out”) which consists of creating a new entity alongside the existing company. This principle makes it possible to develop a new business segment and generate additional revenue by monetizing a technological solution that can meet a much broader need.

“Our objective is to promote the emergence of local companies on the technological innovation scene for the benefit of creative industries. By supporting these innovative entrepreneurs to optimize their entry into local and international markets, Zú will help to leverage untapped intellectual property,” said Dimitri Gourdin, Managing Director at Zú.

This program, worth $35,000 per support, aims to accompany companies and also to allow the development of intellectual properties that have not been exploited until now. In fact, it will allow the accompaniment of a creative company in the commercialization of a technology generally developed for its own use with a precise and personalized approach.

“We are very proud of the partnership we have established with Zú. This new specific and personalized program will allow us to find the next jewels of Quebec’s entertainment and creative industries and to accompany them as only Zú knows how to do in our industry,” added Louise Lantagne, President and CEO of SODEC.

All the details about this new program (selection criteria, support methodologies, schedule, information session, etc.) are available on the Zú website at

Registration for the Focus SODEC program closes on June 10.

About Zú 
Zú supports and empowers creative entrepreneurs who use technology to develop products and content that revolutionize the cultural and entertainment industries by generating innovative projects and world-class intellectual property. It offers coaching programs for startups, open innovation services for SMEs and large corporations, financing expertise including privileged access to a venture capital fund, a local and international network of hundreds of renowned coaches and a unique creative hub in downtown Montreal.

SODEC’s mandate is to promote and support the development of cultural enterprises in Québec and abroad in the film and television production, book, craft, art market, and music and variety sectors. SODEC also has the mandate to protect and enhance a heritage real estate portfolio of 32 buildings, reflecting the Quebec identity.