Calling all freelancers, artists and entrepreneurs working in the entertainment and creative industries who’d like to have a hot desk (renewable on a monthly basis) and access to a thriving community.

Zú is the ideal setting to spark your creativity and immerse yourself in an atmosphere where diversity is celebrated and ideas are welcome in all their forms. Perfect for those who create lasting bonds with people, to a place and to a community… but not to the office furniture!


The resources available to Nomads make it easy to dream big. You’ll work in an eclectic environment with cutting-edge technology. You’ll enjoy private meeting rooms and have free access to all of the in-house professional programming. This is access that hits way above its weight.

Services communs

High-speed Internet, access to the membership directory, secure access, lounge spaces, an on-site kitchen, free coffee.

Get a tour

Contact us to get a tour of the workspaces at


$250 / month

  • 1 unassigned workstation (hot desk)
  • 1 h videoconference room (capacity of 1 person)
  • 15% discount on each additional hour in our videoconference rooms
  • 15% discount on creative tools: 5G TELUS Lab and podcast studio
  • Access to the membership directory
  • Access to programming

Monthly renewable contract. Consult the cancellation policy.