Get access to Panasonic latest AV solutions and expertise.

Zú and Panasonic join forces to propel creative entrepreneurs in the entertainment sector to generate innovative technology ideas by offering a three-month residency program which will take place at Zú in Montreal. While developing their project, residents will have access to Panasonic latest AV solutions, one-on-one consultations with Panasonic product experts and access to Zú’s 5G TELUS Lab. 

Following a call for applications, Ottomata, Les Slasheurs and Phenomena were selected for this unique residency.

The partnership between Zú and Panasonic aims to bring the newest solutions to creative industries and support companies and professionals seeking to integrate technology and innovation into the immersive entertainment market.

Learn more about their innovative projects:


Ottomata is an experiential design studio. The word immersion is often associated with VR headsets. However, Ottomata specializes in designing immersive experiences that don’t require one. The studio works directly in public spaces and develops collaborative and collective experiences through a combination of technologies such as architectural projections, show lasers, holographic processes and motion capture. This puts people at the heart of the action, involves them more and brings them back into the moment.

Their project for the Panasonic residency

Over the years, Ottomata worked on several tracking technologies to build interactive installations that track audience movements. In addition to being immersed in the content, the viewer can physically interact with the story.

The residency will give the company the opportunity to develop a tailor-made scenario and showcase their tracking technology, which lets the audience interact with an illuminated setting inspired by a nature walk.


Phenomena – VR eSport Arena

Phenomena builds VR eSports Arenas for location-based entertainment facilities such as family entertainment centres and amusement parks. Its software platform allows players to move freely, creating an immersive and exciting play experience. The Sports-ready games are designed specifically for competition and replayability. The VR eSport Arena: a modular 1000 sq. ft. free-roam VR gaming playground where players compete in engaging multiplayer PvP games.

Their project for the Panasonic residency

Phenomena will create the world’s first VR eSports tournament with standalone VR headsets, captured with state-of-the-art Panasonic equipment. It will be hosted by professional commentators and broadcast worldwide and will feature a grand prize.


Les Slacheurs

Les Slacheurs work with imagination. They play with shapes and light. Technology powers their installations, but they try to make it invisible. Les Slacheurs gathers together hybrid talents. Each Slacheur contributes to the collective in their own way and helps bring everyone’s vision to life.

The collective, a creator of impossible worlds, transforms ordinary environments into distorted and interactive immersive universes. These worlds are meant to entertain and make one think.

Their project for the Panasonic residency

Les Slacheurs are at work designing a magic mirror. Behind a simple mirror hanging on the wall hides an unimaginable depth. The reflective surface becomes partially translucent when a participant comes up to it. It then lets distorted reflections, wild pixels and enveloping particles peek through. The mirror is not a single surface. It’s in fact a series of overlapping surfaces that add up the echo of the participant’s image.

Inspired by the mirrors in old amusement parks, the installation hearkens back to both the monkey seeing its reflection in a pond and our modern ego-driven selfie habits.

What’s innovative about this mirror is that it blows up the usually one-dimensional nature of digital artworks by using video projection and privacy glass to push the illusion further. But innovation stops there. The project involves a process that dates back to 1862: Pepper’s ghost. User experience is what matters most. An experience that reflects both our selves and the times we live in.

What Panasonic and offer you:  

  • Access to Panasonic product experts for 1-1, free and on demand consultations.  
  • Access to Panasonic demo gears to test and present the result.  
  • Access to the 5G TELUS Lab including editing rooms, AR/VR and 5G technology. 
  • Visibility on Panasonic and Zú social media channels as well as selected events for the selected projects.  
  • Relative content including case study and video on Panasonic website for the selected projects. 

About Panasonic

Panasonic Entertainment Solutions brings best-in-class software, engineering, projection design, show-quality support, and of course the world’s leading brand of laser projectors, Professional broadcast cameras and Pro displays to support creative ideas.

Panasonic demonstration equipment: 


Please note that the residency will take place at Zú in Montreal.

Applications are currently closed. Stay tuned to discover the startups and projects selected.

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