Over three iteration sprints: product — market — business model
Take your project from idea to reality 

Expected results

  • Key connections with industry partners and your program peers
  • Matching and first talks with potential adopters
  • Steps to protect your intellectual property
  • Validation by experts on the whole of your project

Program objectives

  • Validate your initial hypotheses
  • Work, rework and refine your idea into a viable product or service offering
  • Structure your project into an initial business model
  • Build a development roadmap for your project
  • Establish the solid foundation for your startup and launch it with confidence


  • Online program
  • Duration: 10 weeks
  • From the week of April 17 to the week of June 19 2023
  • Participant engagement expected :
    • Week 1 : 35 hours
    • Weeks 2 to 10 : 10 hours per week
  • Up to 10 selected projects

What the preincubation offers you:

  • Privileged access to the Zú network and industry partners
  • Services valued at $15,000 per supported project
  • 45 hours of collaborative workshops and presentations
  • Access to experts for 1-1, free and on demand consultations
  • Benefit from the experience of your peers through a cohort program

Robust and proven methods:

  • Based on the design thinking and lean startup methodologies, the preincubation is a program created to support projects in the start-up phase
  • More than 30 alumni companies have already completed this program

Should I apply?

You are eligible to the program if:

  • You are launching a new company OR you are developing a new solution within an existing company
  • Your startup is building innovative technology and wants to carve out a place for itself in the creativity and entertainment industry
  • You have a strong idea and want to develop it into a concept and define your business plan 
  • You are leveraging new technologies: Artificial intelligence, 5G, virtual reality, augmented reality, metavers, automation/robotics, edge computing, game engine, connected object (IoT), brain-machine interface, smart spaces, blockchain, intelligent clothing, haptics, etc
  • You have at least one founder available to attend all the activities organized as part of the program
  • You are creating a proprietary solution, which could be protected: in other words, you are creating intellectual property