MONTREAL, September 11, 2019 – Zú, a Montreal-based organization with the mission to develop leading-edge innovative projects in the entertainment sector, is proud to announce that it has entered into a long-term partnership with TELUS to launch an experimental 5G laboratory. TELUS’ contribution will empower creators to explore cutting-edge technologies, from augmented reality and 3D holograms to mobile gaming, interactive storytelling, live volumetric performance, and 4K live streaming. The joint initiative will create the first-ever space for technological exploration in Canada entirely dedicated to the creative and entertainment industry.

“The 5G TELUS Lab will be a space where developers, creators, artists and entrepreneurs will be inspired to push the boundaries of entertainment, amplified by the most promising generation of wireless communication,” said Guillaume Thérien, General Manager of Zú. “Being the first and only 5G lab dedicated to the future of Canada’s creative and entertainment industries, we will leverage the best of Montreal’s creative expertise, combined with cutting-edge technology from TELUS, to deliver outstanding experiences. 5G promises to reshape the future of entertainment ―and Zú will be the cradle of this revolution in Montreal.

”In addition to considerable funding and access to an award-winning network, TELUS will provide the creative community with access to world-class engineers and mentors who will help facilitate the incubation, validation and acceleration of start-ups. A series of lectures on emerging technologies will also be part of Zú’s programming to guide participants to the creative opportunities of tomorrow.

Room for virtual, augmented and mixed reality at 5G TELUS Lab

“TELUS is recognized year after year as having one of the best networks in the world. Thus, it is only natural for us to partner with Zú, an initiative from entertainment pioneer and philanthropist Guy Laliberté, to provide artists, researchers and entrepreneurs the best possible resources,” said François Gratton, Group President, TELUS and Chair, TELUS Québec. “Furthermore, our society is entering a new digital age and we need to leverage these new technologies to make Montréal a more competitive and creative market internationally. We believe that next-generation networks will be the key to success. Together we have the ambition to redefine the creative industry and to help build a brighter future for all.

“The 5G TELUS Lab is currently being built at Zú. The creative hub will welcome its first participants by the end of this year. They will have the opportunity to test and optimize their creative projects in a real life setting which could expedite how quickly they go to market. Montreal key business and political stakeholders are already eagerly anticipating the beginnings of this partnership:

“We are excited about the launch of the 5G TELUS Lab at Zú. The space will allow Montreal-based companies to take advantage of cutting-edge telecommunications technologies and reinvigorate the creative and entertainment industries,” said François Croteau, member of the executive council of the City of Montréal and responsible for issues regarding smart cities, information technology and innovation.

Yves Lalumière, President and CEO of Tourisme Montréal also wished to highlight the launch of this collaboration, “Montreal is gaining global momentum in the cultural and creative spheres with this new initiative.”

5G TELUS Lab located at Complexe-de- La- Maison-Alcan

Call for projects for the experimental centre

The 5G TELUS Lab is searching for innovative solutions and ideas that truly demonstrate the power of the new network. It wants to explore its impact on the next generation of media and entertainment (interactive, immersive experiences, games, mixed realities, engagement of fans) and all other applications possible!

Projects are open for evaluation today! The 5G TELUS Lab is looking for the best products, services and applications that will bring the creative power of 5G to life. Submit your ideas here.

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