COVID-19: Impact on commercial contracts


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As the COVID-19 epidemic redefine our daily lives, this unprecedented situation raises important questions for businesses and their commercial activities.

One of the challenges businesses are currently facing is making quick decisions which can have important legal consequences. Mtre Horia Bundaru, lawyer and litigation partner at Norton Rose Fulbright will share his expertise on how to manage current commercial contracts, how to negotiate future contracts, and with respect to possible recourses in the event of contractual disputes.

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This webinar will cover the following topics:

Impacts of COVID-19 on current commercial contracts:

  • What is force majeure and when can a party invoke it?
  • What is hardship and when can a party invoke it?
  • Can a party invoke COVID-19 to refuse to pay its commercial rent?
  • What are the duties arising from the obligation of good faith?

Impacts of COVID-19 on the negotiation of future commercial contracts?

  • Can COVID-19 be invoked as force majeure now that its existence is known?
  • How can the parties protect themselves contractually against the uncertainties arising from COVID-19?
  • Can a party take advantage of the state of economic necessity of its contracting partner to negotiate terms which are very favourable to itself?

Recourses available in the case of a breach of contract 

  • What recourses can currently be instituted before the Courts?
  • What is a request for an interlocutory injunction and when is such a relief available to a party?
  • What are the alternative dispute resolution methods and what are their respective uses?

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