Info session about the focus program


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Info Session about the Focus Program
Between the ideation phase and the growth stage, there’s a key moment when a project starts to take shape, when a finalized prototype meets its market, and when a brand finally finds its voice and personality. The Focus program helps you get there and prepare your first funding round. This is your time to hunker down with your idea, fuel up on resources, make meaningful contacts and structure your business to ensure that it will thrive.

What are the objectives of the Focus program? How does the selection process work? Can I apply? Who will support me? When does the next cohort begin?

We will answer all your questions.

Through mentoring and by emphasizing key entrepreneurial skills, Focus allows you to set the stage from A to Z for the launch of your project. The program equips you to analyze the competition, solicit investors, obtain financing, learn about sales and marketing and develop yourself as a leader. And you will not be alone, far from it. A team of dedicated guides will be there to support you, in addition to experts available to advise you.

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Still a little rough around the edges?
You are not ready for the Focus program but you have creative idea and you need to evaluate its validity and potential: the Genesis program call for applications will open in early December.

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