In the heart of downtown Montreal, the 5G TELUS Lab in collaboration with Lenovo, is 950 square feet of innovation and experimentation dedicated to entrepreneurs and creatives to rethink entertainment and imagine tomorrow. A room dedicated to the creation of immersive content, editing rooms for video production, workstations equipped with the latest equipment and software and of course, the 5G experimental spectrum available exclusively in the lab.

Virtual, augmented and mixed reality content creation projects can benefit in particular within the StellarX lab, a product developed by the startup OVA which allows the creation of collaborative spaces, powerful simulations, and enables creators to visualize the world around them like never before, without code. Professionals across many industries can thus develop their skills through immersive experiences supported by artificial intelligence.

StellarX allows you to use XR, both to simulate environments specific to your industry and to make the inaccessible more tangible. Start from scratch or use a template to make each space your own. Bring your space to life with StellarX or import your favorites.

A partner of the 5G TELUS Lab and one of the first occupants of Zú, OVA is a pioneer recognized as a leader in AI-enabled immersive software technology development around the globe.

OVA’s contribution to the 5G TELUS Lab as well as providing the lab with StellarX offers creative entrepreneurs the possibility to transform their projects through space computing and to implement XR to their solutions.

Among their many collaborations, OVA has notably participated in ellicom/LCI LX’s projects which designs, develops and implements learning solutions that combine technology and imagination to meet the needs of the modern learner. The ellicom/LCI LX team sees themselves as creators of experiences that “humanize the digital”. According to them, learning should be lived. The StellarX platform and the OVA team enabled them to create customized immersive learning environments. ellicom/LCI LX was also one of the participating companies in Zú’s Genesis 2020 incubation program.

Investigating the power of 5G

The collaboration between these two pioneers of immersive experiences and modern learning does not end here. OVA and ellicom/LCI LX have entered a strategic partnership under the ENCQOR 5G project and received a grant to design and deploy new virtual classroom experiences using 5G.

ellicom/LCI LX was thus able to continue the development of a student path deployed on its virtual experience platform (VXP). These educational sessions would allow students from all over the world to simultaneously connect to virtual reality teaching, an experience that could also be duplicated at events or conferences.

One of the challenges of this project is latency, which is the time it takes for data to reach its destination. Imagine students in a group exercise, to allow fair cooperation or quiz among students, information and action must be instantaneous. This instantaneity is 5G.

The goal for the work they have done in the 5G TELUS Lab is to explore and delineate how far they can grow their business in relation to latency and possible bandwidth. They were thus able to test 5G using the Motorola Edge+ available in the lab and reproduce the signal on a computer using a USB tethering connection.

Impressed by the power of computers and the speed offered by 5G, these first preliminary tests allowed them to work on the issue of latency, and therefore on synchronization and fluidity between participants.

Their next steps will be to test the educational session with students to get their feedback on their experience, but also to take advantage of future equipment made available in the 5G TELUS Lab to address their next questions, notably by implementing edge computing in their project.

Through their virtual educational session project, ellicom/LCI LX is making their vision of education without borders a reality where each student can learn the same way whether they are in Montreal, Vancouver or Morocco. A democratization of virtual reality made possible thanks to 5G and a future within our reach!