Genesis 2023 – Discover the 7 selected startups. 

In a 18-week program, the 7 companies selected from nearly 40 applications will see their project evolve from an idea to a concrete business project through a series of workshops with their peers. 

Genesis is a pre-incubation program based on Design Thinking and Lean Startup methods. It aims to help technological and innovative projects in the creative industries and transform their digital universe into dynamic and impactful solutions. 

Through these 18 weeks of collaborative workshops, startups will be led to validate their product, market, and business model, which will give them the opportunity to explore and refine their idea in order to increase their chances of success and become major players in the digital transformation of our society. 

Without further ado, here are the highly anticipated 2023 cohort of the Genesis program: 

Supertonic Entertainment Inc. is an entertainment company that creates interactive musical shows. In their events, up to 1000 participants gather in a concert hall and use a musical device called SonicTuner to actively participate in the action by following instructions displayed on the stage screens and animations by the performers.
Enchantoria offers interactive adventures accessible through cards connected to digital content powered by artificial intelligence. Their immersive entertainment universe is a magical world where the power of imagination is used as a vehicle to develop self-esteem in children aged 6 to 11. develops an artificial intelligence platform that automatically understands video contents without prior knowledge of the videos. Offered as a SaaS (software-as-a-service) and is accessible online using any browser, our solution automatically generates a complete metadata description of video content, to make it searchable at scale, and to simplify the workflow of video curators, editors and creators.
Magasin Général
Magasin General offers a writing assistance tool for journalists, writers, and columnists. The user retains control of the content, personalized by artificial intelligence according to their references and writing style.
Organisation Bleue
Organization Bleue is working towards creating a new scientific culture in the service of positive environmental awareness. By using technological innovations, they create unique content and make it accessible to all, with the aim of inspiring collective consciousness to preserve our planet.
Studios Solipsist
Solipsist Studios enables augmenting physical spaces with mixed reality content that can be shared by both on-site and remote participants. Through their platform, companies and creators can harness the power of spatial storytelling to engage with their audience more effectively.
Passkey to Content
Passkey to Content is a universal payment gateway designed mainly for media. It facilitates transactions and micro-transactions between publishers, broadcasters, and non-subscribing consumers to purchase media content on an a la carte basis, without subscription and with optional advertising interruption.

Finally, we would like to acknowledge the members of the selection committee who played a significant role in the process: 

Annie Gérin – Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Concordia University 

Bertrand Nepveu – Founding Partner, Triptyq 

Jeanne Dorelli – Senior Director, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Zú 

Luc Brousseau – Leader, Ignition Center and Leader Quebec, Retail Industry, KPMG 

Maude Pariseau – Director, Strategic Initiatives, BDC 

Mathieu Deschamps – Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright Canada 

Nima Taghvai – Director, Business Services – Creative Industries Group, National Bank of Canada 

Sophie Couture – Executive Director, Xn Québec


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