The Quebec-France Digital Journey is a project led by Zú and supported by the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation (MEI), which consists of providing support in the form of an immersion program for 10 Quebec startups to expand their efforts on the French market, as well as hosting 10 French startups to develop their market in Quebec.

This initiative is made possible thanks to the Société d’aménagement de la métropole Ouest Atlantique (Samoa) and the CENT-QUATRE PARIS, with whom Zú actively collaborates to set up actions that enable cross-fertilization between startups and economic actors in Quebec and France.

Before leaving for France, Quebec startups will benefit from coaching offered by Zú in collaboration with GoExport to define their objectives in France and develop an action plan to achieve them.

Once in France, entrepreneurs will benefit from introductions to potential French partners according to the company’s needs, access to the facilities of partner incubators (104 Factory in Paris and Creative Factory in Nantes), and opportunities to participate in events, workshops and training sessions on the ground.

These programs will enable entrepreneurs to validate the suitability of their product for their target market, participate in promotional, networking and business development activities, and prepare their export plan.

This opportunity is open to Zú-based startups, participants in the Focus and Vector programs, and alumni of previous cohorts.



The first delegation of Quebec startups, consisting of Fanslab, Orangead and Phenomena VR eSport Arena, will travel to France as part of the Nantes Digital Week from September 15 to 25.

  • Fanslab is a customizable platform for online events and community engagement.
  • Orangead is rethinking advertising with a delivery network that combines algorithms, artificial intelligence, digital signage and data sensors.
  • Phenomena gets you moving in a new way with a virtual reality sports arena.

Born in 2014, Nantes Digital Week has now become one of the most unifying generalist digital events in France. Every year, for 10 days, around 100 events are offered to the general public and professionals alike, allowing everyone to inform, train and meet. Around this program, a tailor-made itinerary has been prepared to allow Quebec startups to meet with local economic players, entrepreneurs of interest and the creative community of Nantes.

Quebec startups that have already benefited from the program:


French startups benefit from customized support to help them develop their business in the Quebec market. This support can take the form of an incubation program, an innovation challenge or a stay of several months.

French startups that have already benefited from the program: