The unstable economic context that we are currently experiencing forces entrepreneurs to reinvent themselves more than ever. In order to stimulate the purchase and deployment of local innovations, Zú has set up validation circles and an expert module to assist entrepreneurs in their efforts to face the crisis. These efforts were created in the hopes to mobilize the community of these large-scale companies, cultural institutions and committed and private partners who, just like the start-ups, are also inspired to adapt by innovating blue to face the crisis.

They aim to:

  • Question, guide and support start-ups in their product development and marketing strategy.
  • Provide access to the cutting edge of innovation in the field of entertainment and cultural and digital industries to SMEs, large companies, and major cultural organizations.
  • Maximize the adoption and commercialization of innovation by start-ups, companies, and the creative community.
  • Participate in the economic recovery of the cultural, digital and entertainment sector by mobilizing all stakeholders.

It is within the Genesis Program – Facing the crisis that Zú first deploys this initiative in the form of a Client Circle, a Cultural Circle and an Expert Module who stimulate the inventiveness of entrepreneurs and advise them in their area of competence, playing both a strategic watch role for the industry and a feedback group for start-ups.

Companies participating in the program work directly with potential clients, representatives of the cultural sector and their peers to align their project with market realities.


The Client Circle

Co-create with start-ups solutions adapted to market needs.

The Client Circle is a panel of organizations interested in developing a relationship with companies in the Genesis Program – Facing the crisis. These organizations have an up and close view on the progress of these start-ups and can help them work on their development throughout the course of 4 presentations sessions. During these sessions, the advisory group will guide the start-ups and help them find the right solutions to match their specific business needs.

Thank you to all participants in the Client Circle: dentsu X, la Fédération Internationale de VolleyballLa Guilde du jeu vidéo du QuébecImmersive ProductionsJuste pour rireRoland Berger and Xn Québec.

The Cultural Circle

One that sets out the critical challenges of the industry.

The Cultural Circle includes established cultural businesses that act as a committee of elders. It provides candid reflection on the relevance, usefulness, and feasibility of implementing solutions in the Quebec artistic landscape.

Zú applauds the influential creative actors who are part of the Cultural Circle: Avalanche ProdMaison ThéâtreMUTEK and Opéra de Montréal.

The expert Module

The Expert Module brings together innovative organizations that either have their own technological know-how or their own expertise that can propel the development of solutions by individually advising start-ups on the resources to be used, the technologies to prioritize and the strategies for management and positioning to be implemented.

Thank you to the committed experts who make up this Module: Banque nationaleDelphine PouxEdelmanImmersion CanadaIntelLenovoStradigi AI and Synapse C.


The Genesis program – Facing the Crisis is part of the series of activities offered by Le Collectif, a group formed by sectoral associations, La Guilde du jeu video du Québec and Xn Québec, as well as the incubators and accelerators Zú and La Piscine. Through this initiative, Le Collectif wishes to provide immediate and essential support to entrepreneurs in the cultural and creative industries. A project made possible to the contribution of Economic Development service of the City of Montreal.

Le Collectif, an initiative:

A project made possible thanks to the contribution of the City of Montreal.

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